October/November 2018



He will cover you with his feathers, and under his wings you will find refuge; his faithfulness will be your shield and rampart.

Psalm 91:4


Paul in Scripture said, “I want to know Christ-yes, to know the power of his resurrection and participation in his sufferings, becoming like him…” Phil. 3:10. On Oct 30th, Greg had the “Whipple” operation and as the drs. suspected, they found pancreatic cancer. Sometime around Christmas, he will begin chemo treatments. Harships are never what we desire, but we are holding to the promise in Phil 3 that this will be an opportunity for us to understand God’s power and grow to be more like Jesus.

What Does This Mean for Us and Refuge for the Poor?

Refuge for the Poor has a board and leadership set up in Cambodia and can operate independently. We have an American board as well and staff/volunteers here in America who are able to oversee, keep financial records, run the student sponsorship program and wire the needed donations to Cambodia to run the dormitory, Mother’s Home, factory worker ministry and our new Refuge Center.

For us personally, we will not know when we can return to Cambodia until we meet with the oncologist in a few weeks and talk over the chemo regimen and their thoughts on returning to Cambodia. In the meantime, there is never a lack of work here to do – video meetings, student/leader communications, planning, sponsorship work, etc., etc.! We welcome the opportunity to be home because we are always looking for ways to share the ministry with others with the hope of adding sponsors to our team. The more donations and sponsors, of course, the more lives we can impact. So, we will continue doing all that we can on both sides of the ocean to help the poor spiritually and physically in Cambodia!


Although we had planned to be in Cambodia last month when Sam arrived, because of Greg’s illness, we were not able to be there. (If you missed our last newsletter, Sam is a Cambodian refugee who has lived in the US since a child.) Because we were home early, though, we were able to prepare Sam through weekly meetings in America before she left. Sam was insistent on moving forward to go and be there on her own and so she left! Jesus had dramatically changed her life this past year and just like us, she wanted to let the Khmer people, her own people, know more about Jesus. She, too, has the same compassion and heart to help both their spiritual and physical lives. Sam is teaching English and Art. She has stated she is learning much from them, too! We had prayed for a long time for someone to come alongside our students that had the same heart as we do. So, we are sure that God sent Sam to us and Refuge for the Poor just at the perfect time to encourage us all!


Refuge for the Poor requires their sponsored students to be CEF trained so that they are always prepared to turn around and teach other students the Bible. So, 18 of our recently trained students went out to teach other students in many different places in the city and villages. Pictured are some of our college students teaching at a Korean-run missionary school for the poor. (All of their visual aids are made by hand) One of our core values is reproduction. Our hearts are full as we see all of this taking place even as we are home.


  1. Please pray for our God to meet all the financial needs of our new Refuge Center.
  2. Please continue to pray for women and children to come into our Mother’s Home – we have a couple who are very interested.
  3. Pray for the Lord to heal Greg completely. Pray, too, for Greg to stay “strong in the Lord and in His mighty power.” (Eph. 6:10)
  4. Pray for all of our supporters to transfer to Refuge for the Poor this month so that our financial needs will not “skip a beat!”
  5. Pray for peace and strength for Sam as she lives in Cambodia. Pray for wisdom as she understands the ministry and gives insight where needed.


Remember Nhu has stopped receiving credit card payments and automatic bank withdrawals. Any leftover monies or checks they have will continue to be credited to Refuge for the Poor. If you have NOT started giving to RTP yet, please see below.

Please choose from the following options to begin giving your donations to Refuge for the Poor:


Write a check to:


PO BOX 548


Please indicate on a separate piece of paper how the money is to be designated. (Sponsored student, general project fund, Greg and Jane, Janine, Sam, etc. or if giving to 2 or more categories, please specify, for example $25 to Greg and Jane and $25 to the general project fund) If you are a regular giver and have forgotten how it was originally designated, no need to remember! We will continue to apply the funds as we always have.


Go to our website: www.refugeforthepoor.org and click “Donate” in the right hand corner. Fill out your credit or debit card information. Please use the designation box to indicate if you are giving to our general project fund, sponsored student (no name needed – we already know :), support for Janine McClaverty, support for Jane and Greg Drebes or support for Sam Sem.


Call your bank for bill-payer information or go to your online banking site and look for bill-payer information to schedule checks to be sent to Refuge for the Poor at the address above.

We will not be continuing ACH or automatic bank withdrawals. You may use a debit card on our website to have monthly money drawn from your bank account similar to an ACH payment.

Please contact us if you have any questions:

Greg Drebes – 267-858-0589

Jane Drebes – 267-347-2571

Janine McLaverty – 215-355-3416


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