April 2019



Let everything that has breath praise the Lord. Praise the Lord.

Psalm 150:6



The woman who will be running the Refuge Center is named Samphos. The reason we chose her is because she continually is reaching out to minister to others, especially children and teens. We have partnered with her for years. She disciples our sponsored students who live outside the dormitory. She has been reaching out to the children/teens around the Refuge Center since before it had a building there. This week she held a postponed Easter celebration at the unfinished Center. Nearly 40 children attended. Our Center is located in a poor village community just outside of Phnom Penh. We will be hosting English and music classes there for the children and teens in this village.

There have been typical construction delays with the Center and now we are looking at June for completion. With all glory to God, the $5,000 we applied for with Mission Projects Fellowship has been granted! It will cover most of our furnishing expenses. Samphos is pictured test driving a vehicle that we are hoping to purchase for taking the children to school. Please pray for all that we need to complete this Center.



This was probably the most difficult hot season in Cambodia since we arrived in Cambodia over 12 years ago. There are record high temperatures – and it happened to be the year God kept us home and sent Sam to Cambodia as a volunteer with RFP! (Sam is pictured in the back right) She handled it wonderfully, though! Not only were the temperatures high (122 degrees in some areas), but there is an electricity and water shortage which means in extreme heat, Sam and our dormitory students can’t use a fan to cool off. The dormitory and Sam’s accomodation next door are similar to row homes with few windows and it’s unbearable at times even with fans. Sam teaches English and Bible at the dorm and has been canceling classes in the evening when there is no power for lights or fans. (Some, like Srey Oun pictured above, come to class in pajamas to stay cool and comfortable!) Because the water pressure is low and water can not reach the upper floors, mostly all 20 students are using one bathroom!

Thank you to those who have donated to Sam’s living expenses. We feel God truly prepared her for this role knowing we would not be there this year. We thank God for her and the amazing way she has responded to some very difficult living conditions.



In our last newsletter, we asked you to continue praying for new moms for our Mother’s Home after receiving our very first mom a couple months ago – well, we have good news and bad news. The good news is that we did received one new mom and her 10-month old son who is pictured above! The bad news is – the other woman has left. She was really struggling and was not taking care of herself or her baby very well. The Christian organization who sent her to us, accepted her back so that she could be more closely monitored.

We also asked you to pray for Greg’s strength and although he was not able to have his last chemo treatment because of a low platelet level, he was able to completely enjoy Easter and his birthday this month! We are so grateful for your prayers! We ask that you please continue to pray each month from the prayer requests at the bottom of our newsletters – and as the verse at the top of this newsletter states – Keep praising the Lord with us as we receive his gifts and answers to our prayers!


  1. Please continue to pray for more women and children to come into our Mother’s Home. Pray for the new mom and her child to come to know Jesus in their heart.
  2. Jane is considering a month long trip to Cambodia in July along with Janine McClaverty, our administrator. Greg’s chemo should be completed by then if there are no more set-backs. Please ask God for wisdom in planning our trip.
  3. As mentioned, this has been the worst hot season since we went to Cambodia over 12 years ago and there has been a shortage of water and electricity. Please pray for Sam and our students to be able to sleep well and study effectively despite the extreme heat. Please pray for the rains to begin and a solution to the country’s electricity and water problems.
  4. Please praise God with us for his $5,000 provision from MPF! Please pray for God to supply all of our needs, especially to cover our new Refuge Center one-time and monthly needs.
  5. Please pray that we continue to direct our Cambodian staff well – especially that we help them continue the vision of keeping evangelism and discipleship first in all that we do.

Please choose from the following options

to give a donation to Refuge for the Poor:



Write a check to:


PO BOX 548


Please indicate on a separate piece of paper how the money is to be designated. (Sponsored student, general project fund, Greg and Jane, Janine, Sam, etc. or if giving to 2 or more categories, please specify, for example $25 to Greg and Jane and $25 to the general project fund).


Go to our website: www.refugeforthepoor.org and click “Donate” in the right hand corner. Fill out your credit or debit card information. Please use the designation box to indicate if you are giving to our general project fund, sponsored student (no name needed – we already know :), support for Janine McClaverty, support for Jane and Greg Drebes or support for Sam Sem.


Call your bank for bill-payer information or go to your online banking site and look for bill-payer information to schedule checks to be sent to Refuge for the Poor at the address above.

We do not have ACH or automatic bank withdrawals. You may use a debit card on our website to have monthly money drawn from your bank account similar to an ACH or automatic bank withdrawals.

Please contact us if you have any questions:

Greg Drebes – 267-858-0589

Jane Drebes – 267-347-2571

Janine McLaverty – 215-355-3416



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