A Mother’s Home

You will often hear people say in Cambodia, “He has another wife.” Then there are those with even more than two wives. In a developing country, that means desperate mothers and many children living in poverty without the support of a husband. There is no healthcare, welfare system or help for single mothers and children like we have in America.  Single moms have no where to turn for help.

We have talked with women who go to work at night and leave their small children asleep at home. We have met others who lock their children in the home while they work or let them run the streets of the neighborhood.  We have seen elementary age children in a family take turns coming home from school to care for an infant sibling while the mother works.

These 3 sisters used to run the streets before we found sponsors to help.

Then there are the factory workers who are forced to come into the city to work and leave their children with other relatives because there are no jobs in the villages. They see their children only a few times a year and send money home. Some are left with aging grandparents and in high-risk situations.

This single mom has been separated from her son for years while working in the city

One of the young women now living in our factory worker housing was raped when she was younger. The man’s punishment? He had to marry her. However, he soon left her. She gave her first child away and left her second child who was 3 years old with a disabled grandmother who could not walk. She feared for her daughter daily because there were other predators in the village.

The unthinkable, Srey Houn was forced to marry her rapist

Her daughter is now safe with us.  Because of working long hours and inability to pay for childcare and school, she is not able to care for her daughter at home.

Srey Thoun is safe with us and sees her mother once a week.
Srey Thoun is safe with us and sees her mother once a week

We have recently established a MOTHER’S HOME near the factories where the mothers work.

The moms and children will be able to live together. We will provide schooling for the children, daycare and a safe place to live. The mothers will need to work with us to budget for healthy food, doctors and dentists visits and other miscellaneous needs.

If you would like to donate to help the mother’s and children at the MOTHER’S HOME, please click here and give to our PROJECT FUND.  Then please email us at office@refugeforthepoor.org to let us know you’ve donated toward the home.  Thank you!