Sponsored Students

Through our sponsorship program, poor students are able to receive a wonderful education in Christian schools. The poor cannot afford the many expenses of a public school education. The majority of poor students drop out of school by 7th grade.  The Christian education they receive through Refuge for the Poor is more than their parents could dream for, for their child.

Sponsored students attend Christian schools in the city for a better education
Sponsored students attend Christian schools in the city for a better education

Vitcheka’s story

We met a teen named Vitcheka while teaching English at our home in Cambodia.  She was the typical poor young teen.  Like the majority poor, she had dropped out of school by junior high age because public school is not free in Cambodia.  She longed to go to school like her other richer classmates.

Vitcheka, our first sponsored student 9 years ago
Vitcheka, our first sponsored student

We began sponsoring Vitcheka in 2007 in a local Christian school.  She was at the top of her class and graduated with honors.  She was running our ministry for a few years and is now married with two children.  We have since helped sponsor over 100 other children, teen and young adults for full-time or part-time schooling. We have a college dormitory now for our high school students wishing to continue their education.  We also sponsor poor students from the villages who desire to further their education.

Vitcheka's wedding day
Vitcheka’s wedding day

If you would like more information about how to sponsor an individual child, teen or college/career student, please contact us at:  office@refugeforthepoor.org  or you may donate now by clicking on our donate page and writing “sponsor a student” on the designation page.  We will get back to you with choices of students you may sponsor. We suggest $45/month but costs are much higher than that for each student.  Each student will generally have 4 or 5 sponsors to cover expenses for live-in students at the Refuge Center.  Childcare, education, room and board, medical, activities, clothing, uniforms and more are covered in a sponsorship.

We have many other expenses for our children, teens and young adults which are not covered by sponsorships.  If you would like to give a one-time or monthly gift without sponsoring a student, please click here.