Village Ministry

Our students and factory workers have a heart to reach their villages with the good news.

The college and career students have been trained through Child Evangelism Fellowship  how to reach children and teens for Christ.  They also have been trained to use Firm Foundations, a series of pictures, to tell the story of the Bible made especially for those who can not read.  They often use their free time to reach out and teach others.

Visiting one of our students' villages
Visiting one of our students’ villages

When we go to their villages, we go as a group prepared to teach and play games with the children.  We then prepare a meal and talk with the families and neighbors.

Factory workers teaching the children
Factory workers teaching the children

We bring gifts to show our love.  We help them with serious medical needs.  We invite them to stay in our dormitory overnight and arrange for them to see a doctor at the Christian clinic in Phnom Penh.


Gifts to our project fund help make these trips possible and help with medical needs for the poor.

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